Damage and Reporting

Reporting damage and/or an accident

At the time of reservation, the owner and renter should walk around the car and agree on any pre-existing damage, as well as the general condition of the car. Damage present at the end of the reservation is presumed to be the responsibility of the renter, so the renter should document any pre-existing damage at the beginning of the reservation by emailing photos to the support@HyreCar.com.

At the time of return, the owner and renter should do another walk around the car and agree that the car was returned in the same condition. If there is any new damage, it is the renter’s responsibility. The renter and owner should discuss whether it merits reporting to HyreCar, or if it sufficiently minor that something can be worked out between the owner and the renter. If the owner believes that they might want to pursue a claim, they must report it to HyreCar at support@HyreCar.com within 12 hours of the end of reservation or it will not be eligible for processing by HyreCar. The claim will also not be eligible for processing if the owner does not submit photographs of the documentation and if the photographs submitted were taken more than 12 hours after the rental has been completed.

Accidents: Must be reported immediately. The renter must file a police report and provide the report number when available.

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