Gas Policy

Renters are responsible for replacing any gas used during the rental, using the appropriate fuel (i.e., regular, premium, or diesel).

If a car is returned with less gas than when it was picked up, in order to seek reimbursement, the owner should report the cost of replacing the shortage to the renter and within 2 hours, including a receipt, and the renter will be charged for the cost, plus an inconvenience fee of $50. Photographs of the receipt and photographs of the fuel levels must be included and must have been taken within the first 2 hours of the end of the trip or if a pick up location prior to the vehicle being moved.

We recommend that owners keep the tank full in order to make it easier for everyone to determine how much gas the renter should refill. Renters should keep gas receipts for at least 5 days in case there is any dispute by the owner.

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