Tickets, Tolls and Towing

Cars Towed to Impound Lots

If an owner's car is towed to an impound lot as a result of renter misuse, HyreCar will provide the owner with all information the owner requests so they can retrieve the car in accordance with the requirements of the lot or related governmental entity. The renter will be held responsible for all fees associated with the tow and impound along with inconvenience fees not limited to a minimum of $200 + tow charges.

However if the vehicle is towed due to owner’s negligence, such as expired registration or multiple parking tickets, the renter is not responsible for the tow and impound costs.

Toll fees

Renters are responsible for paying all toll fees incurred during their use of a rental. Failure to pay a toll properly will result in an administrative fee in addition to any charges associated with paying the toll fee. You can find more information about fees and fines here.

In the case that there is an all-electronic tollway with no way to pay manually (i.e., Golden Gate Bridge), it is the responsibility of the renter to reimburse the owner directly or to inform HyreCar so the proper fee can be added to the rental charges. Failure to do so will result in an additional fee.

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