Smoking Policy

Renters or their passengers are not permitted to smoke in any vehicle in the HyreCar marketplace. We take reports of smoking very seriously. If a smoke smell is reported by the owner within 12 hours after a reservation has ended, that renter will be fined up to $250. The renter may also be subject to removal from the community. Smoking medicinal cannabis or state approved recreational cannabis is also prohibited while in a HyreCar vehicle regardless of local legislation. This includes vaporizers in all forms.
If there is a smoke smell at the beginning of the reservation, please report it via e-mail to (with Subject line "Smoke Smell Prior to Reservation") at the very beginning of your reservation so that you are not held responsible for the violation. If the owner smokes in their car, it is their responsibility to include this information in the listing. If the owner fails to inform a renter that their vehicle smells of smoke prior to the beginning of the rental, the renter may be entitled to a full refund and the owner subject to a fee or removal from the community.
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