Insurance & Damages This is a general description of insurance information only and is not meant to change or replace the actual insurance policy. For a complete explanation of the insurance provided, please refer to the actual insurance policy. Automobile Third Party Liability coverage: 1) Insurance Coverage is provided up to $300,000 CSL per accident while under a Hyrecar Business “contract” rent/lease agreement. There is a $1000 deductible. 2) The Hyrecar Insurance provides NO Insurance Coverage while a “Transportation Network Company” (TNC) is providing the Insurance Coverage. 3) There is NO Hyrecar Insurance Coverage provided unless the Hyrecar business auto rental/lease agreement is in force. 4) Hyrecar Insurance Coverage is only provided for the Hyrecar contracted driver while under contract with Hyrecar to rent/lease the vehicle. No other permissive drivers or operators are covered under the Hyrecar Insurance policy. 5) Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) and Personal Injury Protection (no fault PIP) are included only at statutory basic limits and only where required by law. UM/UIM & PIP are excluded in all states where permissible by law. 6) An Automobile Owner that is contractually engaged with Hyrecar to rent/lease their vehicle to a “TNC” driver will be reimbursed for any damage to such vehicle while it is on an active Hyrecar agreement. Damages are subject to the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle. Damages are limited to not more than the Actual Cash Value or a maximum of $25,000 per claim, whichever is less; subject to a deductible. (See the terms of the Insurance policy for a complete description). Normal wear and tear is not covered by any insurance. For more details: Please visit: